About Us

About Us

Hey there,

Here we are Trimurti – The Future Dominant Pvt. Ltd.

Our Journey Starts On 3rd Of Jan 2021 with A Unique Idea and Passion to Become a Supreme Power in This Industry So We Tried Very Hard to Enhance and Evolve Better Than Others. We Started with Minimum Investment of ₹100 and as Our Company Become Progressive the Minimum Investment Amount Increases and Now It Reaches To ₹1000 Only Because of The Trust of People for Us.

Trusting Is Your Pleasure for Us but To Maintain It Is Our Responsibility and This Is a Secret of Our Success.

Today We Are the Only Very First Company to Give Such a High Guaranteed Profit to Our Investors @18.00%.
We also Launched Trimurti Loan Facility at Very Minimum Interest Rates Grab the Full Information Contact Us Now.


Hello There,

My Name Is Ayush Shukla
I Was Born On 11 Oct 2003 In A Town Hargaon (U.P.)

Today We Are the Very First Company to Give Such a High Guaranteed Profit to Our Investors @18.00%.


All The Things Are Going Well And Normal Just Like Other Kids But When I Turned 16 Yrs. My Interest Seeks Towards The Growing Network Based Companies, Billionaires, Money Making Ideas And Etc.
So I Start Learning About Them And Start To Write Them All Over And Over Again. Finally When I Turned Nearly 18 I Have An Action Plan, Strategy and Mind Set . Although all this Stuff Do Not Affect My Studies As A Result I Got 80% In High School And 90% When I Passed Out 12th

After Passing 12th, I Start Collecting Funds From Relatives And Start Spreading Making Investors, Providing People An Opportunity To Earn And A Variety Of Jobs So People Can Choose Along With Their Comfort Zone.

We Have A Mind Set To Grow Together, Learn Together And Help Together.

The Aim Behind This Company Is To Provide A Comfortable Livelihood With Maximum Financial Profit And Great Advantages By Providing People Easiest Way To Earn Money And Giving An Opportunity To Grow.
Because Of All This We Are Growing Very Fast As Compared To Other Start-ups
Our Company Cross ₹1,00,00,000 Investment Within 6 Months.

Today You Can Find Us in Most Of The Cities Or States Across India.

This is Your Trust That We Are Growing At This Rate



Either you are our member, a retail shopkeeper or consumer the art of selling and buying is always effective. Some of our Member face the problem in being a good seller so for them we launch a brand new course worth ₹5,000 for free you can also grab this course then we made this course available for you but it may cost you ₹2,500. All the content inside the course is written by our CEO and Founder Mr. AYUSH SHUKLA also some additional content from collected from 10 books of selling the language is simple with practical mean with physical points that actually happens when you are selling something to someone.


The Course can Help you To :

  • Identify gaps and opportunities : Assess your current practices and identify gaps and opportunities to grow your sales.
  • Build an effective roadmap : Develop strategies and action plans that will help establish your brand, align your team and maximize returns.
  • Harness the power of digital : Develop or improve your online presence to reach customers and grow your sales.

With the help of course you can maximize your strength nearly double and from that you get:

  • Structured Approach : A time-tested, action-oriented approach that has proven successful for Entrepreneurs.
  • Knowledge Sharing : We focus on sharing our expertise to help you and your team build your capabilities and resilience over the short- and long-term.
  • Coaching and Support : Reach your goals faster with the help of impartial consultants who can provide implementation support as needed.

When you complete the course, you can easily Earn Minimum ₹20,000/month